INATORI-GINSUISO is located on the eastern side of the Izu Peninsular, one of Japan’s top sightseeing areas.

INATORI-GINSUISO is a dignified traditional Japanese inn reminiscent of days gone by, but there is nothing starchy and formal about us!
Overflowing with hospitality, our staff will explain the (very simple!) in-house rules to you, so please relax and enjoy your stay with peace of mind.

In your spacious, purely Japanese room, you will be served matcha green tea.
At INATORI-GINSUISO, we are renowned for our delicious purely Japanese cuisine and open-air baths with views of the ocean and mountains.

We hope that your stay in Japan will be special.

  • INATORI-GINSUISO is accessible from Tokyo and Shinjuku Stations by direct train with no need to change lines.You can see Mt. Fuji from the train window.

  • Matcha green tea served in guest rooms.Spacious rock open-air baths.Sumptuous kaiseki course meals.

  • Guests can also access free Wi-Fi in the lobby and rooms.

  • A popular hotel has the Certificate of Excellence accreditation from a trip advisor.


Map of the route to Ginsuiso

The Izu Peninsular in Shizuoka Prefecture is a scenic area blessed with the nature of the mountains and ocean. The area has numerous fishing ports, and many visitors come for the fresh seafood and hot springs.
INATORI-GINSUISO is a resort inn located in Izu-Inatori on the eastern side of the Izu Peninsular, which is famous in Japan as an area of hot springs next to the ocean.

From Tokyo Station, it is approx. 140 minutes by limited express train to Izu-Inatori Station, with no changes required. During the train journey, there is also time for you to view Mt. Fuji from the train window.

For your trip from the station to INATORI-GINSUISO, our free shuttle bus service is scheduled to coincide with the arrival of every limited express train, so there is no need for reservations.

Access guide
  • Hospitality

    A tradition unique to Japan, our culture of hospitality
    What INATORI-GINSUISO treasures above all is our spirit of hospitality.
    The mission of a traditional Japanese inn is to provide a comfortable place where guests can relax, enabling them to enjoy a special day.

    With purely Japanese guest rooms, open-air baths with a private hot springs source, Izu cuisine, the shimmering silver ocean…
    and INATORI-GINSUISO hospitality, we wholeheartedly await your visit.

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  • Fresh kaiseki course meals reflecting the season

    The traditional Japanese cuisine served at INATORI-GINSUISO is prepared by our top-class chef from carefully selected ingredients gathered from the bountiful sea and mountains around the Izu Peninsular.
    Visually appealing cuisine is presented on exquisite plateware.
    Enjoy your meal with our original Japanese sake.

    (In the 2105 ranking of Japan’s Top 100 inns by experts, GINSUISO was awarded 3rd Place in the Meals Division.)

    GINSUISO is the perfect place to enjoy a delicious full-course kaiseki meal.

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  • The sukiya style creates an atmosphere of sophistication.

    INATORI-GINSUISO offers two room types.
    Japanese rooms are constructed in a traditional sukiya (tea-ceremony arbor) style; and on the Executive Floor (Gin-no-Shiori), there are 8 high-class guest rooms, each with their own completely private open-air bath. Gin-no-Shiori guests are also served special high-class kaiseki course meals.

    A panoramic view of the Sagami Sea can be enjoyed from the windows of all guest rooms.

    When you arrive in your room, our hospitality staff will serve you matcha green tea.

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  • Relax in the hot springs while gazing at the sky and listening to the sound of the waves.

    INATORI-GINSUISO’s hot springs water is drawn from a natural hot spring source on the inn site.
    The water is colorless, transparent weak alkaline chloride spring water.
    With 270 liters of 81.8℃ spring water bubbling up every minute, these natural hot springs are our pride.

    With its high moisturizing effects, this hot spring water is excellent for your health.
    Please enjoy the scenery and sound of the rippling water as you relax in our open-air baths.

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  • Facilities guide

    Guests are welcomed inside the inn with colorful seasonal decorations and flowers.

    INATORI-GINSUISO offers the most comprehensive facilities of any accommodation facility in Inatori-Onsen.
    During the summer season, the outdoor pool is also very popular.

    Please enjoy a leisurely day to your heart’s content at INATORI-GINSUISO.

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  • Sightseeing

    Izu, one of Japan’s top onsen (hot springs) areas.
    Every day, fresh seafood is unloaded at the area’s numerous fishing ports.

    The area has numerous facilities providing a sense of tradition and culture, as well as theme parks providing fun for families.

    Please discover a new, relaxing attraction of Japan.

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