Map of the route to Ginsuiso

The Izu Peninsular in Shizuoka Prefecture is a scenic area blessed with the nature of the mountains and ocean. The area has numerous fishing ports, and many visitors come for the fresh seafood and hot springs.
INATORI-GINSUISO is a resort inn located in Izu-Inatori on the eastern side of the Izu Peninsular, which is famous in Japan as an area of hot springs next to the ocean.

From Tokyo Station, it is approx. 140 minutes by limited express train to Izu-Inatori Station, with no changes required. During the train journey, there is also time for you to view Mt. Fuji from the train window.

For your trip from the station to INATORI-GINSUISO, our free shuttle bus service is scheduled to coincide with the arrival of every limited express train, so there is no need for reservations.


From Narita International Airport

From Narita International Airport

From Kansai International Airport

From Kansai International Airport

Shuttle Bus

Shuttle Bus Schedule

The shuttle bus service operates between INATORI-GINSUISO and Izu-Inatori Station at the flowing times.
The ride between the inn and Izu-Inatori Station takes approx. 5 minutes.
The shuttle bus service can be used without prior reservations.

Arrival times: 13:00~17:00 (Available with advance reservation)
Departure times: 8:20 8:50 9:10 9:30 9:50 10:10 10:30 11:15

  • 運転手イメージThe bus driver will be waiting outside the ticket gate of Izu-Inatori Station holding a flag.
  • 伊豆稲取駅イメージ1 In some instances, the driver may be waiting in the shuttle bus. To get to the shuttle bus stop, go out the ticket gate and turn right.
  • 伊豆稲取駅イメージ2Walk in the direction of the toilets and open the door on the left-hand side; go down the stairs and you will be at the shuttle bus stop.