Gazing at Mt. Fuji in the distance

Izu is one of Japan’s top hot springs areas.
Every day, fresh seafood is unloaded at the area’s numerous fishing ports.
The area has numerous facilities providing a sense of tradition and culture, as well as theme parks providing fun for families.
Please discover a new, relaxing attraction of Japan.


I was born in western Izu, and so I feel as if the whole of Izu is my hometown.
Even so, there are many things to see and do in Izu, and even now I make new discoveries every day.

Inatori-Onsen is famous for the Hina-no-tsurushikazari Matsuri (Dolls’ Festival). I especially recommend the tsurushi (hanging) doll decorations.
Not only are these decorations gorgeous and delightful, but they also have a wonderful background story.

I love things that are cute, things that are fun, the ocean and the mountains, and as you can see, delicious food.
Izu has all these things. It’s true!
If you are visiting Izu, please get off the train for a brief stop and fully enjoy the delights of Inatori-Onsen.

Hotel Staff Yasuko Mori

Area Map

  • Inatori Culture Park Hina-no-Yakata Hina-no-tsurushikazari is a special custom passed down since the Edo Period in which strings of small cloth dolls are hung on either side of the stand displaying Hina dolls for the Girl’s Day (Dolls) festival. Various enjoyable events are held between mid-January and late-March as part of the Hina-no-tsurushikazari Festival, including displays of tsurushikazari decorations, tsurushikazari-making workshops, and picture-letter contests.
    • AddressInatori, Higashiizu-machi, Kamo-gun City, Shizuoka
    • Inquiry+81 0557-95-2901
    • Time requiredA five-minute walk from INATORI-GINSUISO
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  • Izu Skyline Izu Skyline is a sightseeing road for automobiles only that extends 40.6 km between Hakone and Izu running along the mountain ridges on the eastern side of the Izu Peninsula within Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park. The scenic highway enables you to enjoy magnificent views of Sagami Bay, Suruga Bay, and Mt. Fuji.
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  • Tsurushikazari -making Workshops Experience Tsurushikazari -making in the place where the Tsurushikazari custom was born. Each tiny ornament is carefully handcrafted.
    *Reservations can be made up until the day before the workshop. If you would like to participate in a Tsurushikazari -making workshop, please contact INATORI-GINSUISO in advance.
    • AddressInatori, Higashiizu-machi, Kamo-gun City, Shizuoka
    • Inquiry+81 0557-95-2211
    • Time requiredDiffers depending on the venue. You will be notified when you register.
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  • Animal Kingdom This leisure land features an Animal Zone where you can see wild animals such as white tigers and lions, a Play Zone where you can enjoy fun attractions and games, and another Play Zone where you can enjoy miniature golf and other activities.
    • AddressInatori 3344, Higashiizu-machi, Kamo-gun City, Shizuoka
    • Inquiry+81 0557-95-3535
    • Time requiredA 10-minute bus ride from Izu-Inatori Station
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  • Inatori Fishing Port/Morning Market Inatori is the only hot springs area in Higashi-Izu Town that has a fishing port. The rich variety of seafood unloaded here includes kinmedai (splendid alfonsino)—which is said to be the tastiest in Japan—as well as Japanese spiny lobster, abalone, horse mackerel, and mackerel. Held on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays, the morning market sells a rich lineup of fresh seafood caught locally as well as agricultural produce and processed goods.
    • AddressInatori, Higashiizu-machi, Kamo-gun City, Shizuoka
    • Inquiry+81 0557-95-6301
    • Time requiredA 10-minute walk from INATORI-GINSUISO
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  • Kawazu Jardin de Bagatelle Bagatelle means “small, adorable thing” in French. The Jardin de Bagatelle in Paris is located within the Bois de Boulogne. It features geometrically laid-out gardens, an iris garden, and ponds, and is beloved by Parisians as a park where various seasonal flowers can be enjoyed.
    • AddressMine1073, Kawadu-machi, Kamo-gun City, Shizuoka
    • Inquiry+81 0558-34-2200
    • Time requiredA 20-minute car from Inatori
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  • Izu Shaboten Park Against the backdrop of Mt. Omuro—which is designated as a natural monument—stands a diversity of cacti grow in pyramid-shaped greenhouses, and various animals can be seen wandering around the park freely. The capybara soaking in hot springs are a must-see!
    • AddressTomido1317-13, Ito City, Shizuoka
    • Inquiry+81 0557-51-1111
    • Time requiredApprox. 35 minutes by Tokai Bus from Ito Station.
    Check the map Official site
  • Shimoda Aquarium This aquarium makes use of a natural cove. The aquarium presents a range of fun shows featuring our ocean friends, beginning with the dolphin and sea lion shows. In addition, there are also three Dolphin Contact events each day where visitors can touch and interact with dolphins.
    • AddressShimoda City3-22-31, Shizuoka
    • Inquiry+81 0558-22-3567
    • Time requiredA seven-minute regular bus ride from Izu-Kyu Shimoda Station
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