A tradition unique to Japan, our culture of hospitality

Our spirit of hospitality is what GINSUISO treasures above all else.
The mission of a traditional Japanese inn is to provide a comfortable place where travelers can relax, enabling them to enjoy a special day.

With purely Japanese guest rooms, open-air baths with a private hot springs source, Izu cuisine, the shimmering silver ocean…
and INATORI-GINSUISO hospitality, we wholeheartedly await your visit.


Here at GINSUISO, what we treasure above all else is our spirit of hospitality.
We carry out our daily work aiming to provide service that is slightly above that expected by guests.

It is our policy that each staff member devotes their ideas, thoughts, and hearts to their work, carrying out their duties with consideration for our guests and each other.

Baths with a private hot springs source, Izu flavors, the silver ocean, Tsurushikazari decorations…
and INATORI-GINSUISO hospitality, we wholeheartedly await your visit.

Landlady Sanae Kato

Inatori-Onsen and our history


Inatori-Onsen is located on a small cape protruding from the east coast of the Izu Peninsular. The hot springs opened in 1956.
With the opening of the Izu-Kyuko railway line in 1961, Inatori-Onsen rapidly grew as a modern resort area.
With 57℃ natural spring water, Inatori-Onsen is the most vigorously flowing hot spring in the East Izu area, and nowadays is famous throughout Japan.
On clear fine days, it is possible to see all the way to Izu-Oshima Island, and many visitors come for the kinmedai (splendid alfonsino), for which the area boasts the largest catch volume in Japan.
Traditional local festivals such as the Hina-no-tsurushikazari Matsuri (Dolls’ Festival) and Dontsuku Festival.

In order to ensure that the day our guests spend in Inatori-Onsen is unforgettable, putting our spirit of hospitality first, INATORI-GINSUISO has always played a central role in the development of Inatori-Onsen and has walked hand-in-hand together through our history.