Fresh kaiseki course meals reflecting the season

Beginning with kinmedai (splendid alfonsino) simmered in soy sauce and sashimi, we serve renowned Izu-Inatori dishes reflecting the season.
Seasonal food ingredients are served on carefully selected plates in gorgeous food presentations that will richly enhance your stay at INATORI-GINSUISO.
Our chef’s numerous special dishes created using Izu seasonal specialties and the colors of the four seasons richly incorporate the GINSUISO taste, which continues to seek new flavors while maintaining tradition.

*Accommodation plans specify whether or not meals are included.
*Drinks and alcohol and additional dishes are charged separately.


Since the flavor of foods changes depending on the sharpness of the knife with which they are cut, we are meticulous about maintaining kitchen utensils on a daily basis.
We believe that not only menu items and flavorings, but also the attitude with which we greet our guests are all part of the flavor.
We would like our guests to taste Japanese cuisine in the four seasons, beginning with appetizers, first of all with their eyes, and then with their mouths (by eating).

Master Chef
Masaru Tomita
Court Chef, Showakai Chef, INATORI-GINSUISO Master Chef
Nihon Chorishi Rengoukai (Federation of Japanese Licensed Cooks) Instructor; Senmon Chorishi Choriginoshi (Specialist Licensed Cook/Licensed Cook)

Introduction of the drink liquor



Breakfast provides the energy for a full day of activity.
Since this is a Japanese-style inn, also enjoy a Japanese-style breakfast in the morning.
Beginning with kinmedai (splendid alfonsino) pickled in miso, each dish is prepared with wholehearted care.